These are some of my own designs!

:jester: I'll try to post the patterns here for you to use as soon as I have them ready. In the meantime, take a look at these!

Deb's Coat Hanger Cover
My Frog
My St. Paddy's Day Tophats
My Xmass Tree Hat
My New Years Tophat
Birthday Cake Hat or Centrepiece
Hot water bottle cover
Hooded Scarf and Headband
Two Toned Beaked hat
Pooky's Dog Sweater
Winter hood for a coat or jacket
My Crocheted Brimmed Hat
Coral Fizz Afghan! Crocheted Tooth!
DC Shoe co. Nock-off Hat
Valentine's Day Hat
Shamrock Door Hanger
Leprechaun Door Hanger
My Canada Day Hat
Gag or Joke Bra !!!
Beanie Style Hat
Crochet Pockets, Cuffs and Collars for Jackets
Easy Plastic Ear Muff cover [NEW!! :love: :heart: Added Monday, 1. December 2008]

To come:
Most of them I made years ago and have to write out these patterns! :coffee:
Waist Pouch
Janine and Alan’s Christmas Stockings
Easy Baby Blanket
Men’s Sweater with a drop sleeve
Easy Hanging Bathroom Tissue Holder

As soon as I can write out the patterns, I'll have them posted!!

:yes: See photos of some of the thnigs I've made @ Emeraldthistle_Crochet_stuff_2008[/COLOR]:


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