I’m from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  I’m married with two adult married children and a one year old Grandson!

I started Crocheting over 30 years ago, but really into it since about 1990. I can’t knit, and have “two left hands” when it can to knitting, so my Mother taught me how to crochet.  I love making things for other people, and sharing patterns.  The reaction I get is worth the time it takes to make, no matter how big or small.  I’m addicted to it!  As soon as I finish one project, I have to start another one.  I keep a log and pictures of what I make, when I make it and where I got the pattern from or if it is my own design.   I have made slippers, afghans, dolls, pockets on sweaters, sweaters, a sweater coat, hats, stocking hats, toques, backpacks, hot water bottle cover, takeout cup cozies, teacup cozies, dog sweater, Xmas Tree Hat, birthday cake hat and many more.  I too look forward to getting to know everyone.  My favorite crochet project:  too hard to choose! I prefer to crochet with yarn, but I have used thread. I’d love to share patterns, ideas and tips.

“Knitting is all the rage, but did you know crocheters outnumber knitters 3 to 1?”- Donna Scott


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